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For better or for worse, Marketing encompasses a bunch of concepts and specific tasks, but we’ve managed to put them all into a pragmatic block-building system, so you can not only understand the foundations of marketing but also build them with GETitOUT, the all-in-one marketing builder that will help you accomplish this feat. Why should you take this lesson? As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need to acknowledge the most basic elements of Marketing in order to reach the goals you’re aiming to. This lesson will provide you with the starter knowledge on how to build your marketing from zero in GETitOUT. Stop guessing about how to present your product or to which of your clients sell your product What will you learn during this lesson? - The structure of GETitOUT’s Marketing System - The 3 main phases of GETitOUT’s Step-by-Step Marketing System - How to build professional marketing foundations in GETitOUT and on your own - Introduction to the elements of the Input Phase (#1): Product & Features, Company & Team, and Design. - Introduction to the elements of the Analyze Phase (#2): Buyer Personas, Benefits, Clients, and Competitors. - Introduction to the elements of the Create Phase (#3): Call-To-Actions (forms),Websites, Emails, and Miscellaneous. You can take a sneak peek of how GETitOUT looks inside and try out all the features for free for two weeks. You don’t even have to put in your credit card! []( Do not worry if you see something different in GETitOUT compared to what was shown during this lesson. We are constantly improving and updating the platform!