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The final episode! Congrats for making it this far, now the greatest reward awaits you: a way to create all kinds of Marketing Materials (Presentations, Flyers, Social Media Posts, etc.) using GETitOUT only. Powerful, isn’t it? Why should you take this lesson? As well as it works with Websites and Emails, creating all kinds of marketing materials is key to reaching your target audiences in the right channels. Learn how to do this easily inside GETitOUT without using any other tool! What will you learn during this lesson? - The different types of categories and templates you can choose for Miscellaneous creations - Overview of the Building Blocks used for Miscellaneous creations (e.g. Sales Presentation, LinkedIn Posts) - How does the Magic Select button work - How to create, download & export your Sales Presentations based on your Marketing Foundations - How to create, download & export your LinkedIn posts also based on your Marketing Foundations - How to edit Sales Presentations and LinkedIn Posts. Remember these are generated automatically and you might want to make some changes. You can take a sneak peek of how GETitOUT looks inside and try out the Create Feature and more for free for two weeks. You don’t even have to put in your credit card! []( Do not worry if you see something different in GETitOUT compared to what was shown during this lesson. We are constantly improving and updating the platform!