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This lesson will introduce you to the final phase of GETitOUT’s Marketing Flow: Materials Creation If you’ve made it this far, now you’ll be able to create different marketing materials (websites, landing pages, email, presentations, and more) based on your design in very few steps. Why should you take this lesson? From now on, the remaining lessons will display more practically what the final results of going through this Marketing Flow look like. This lesson focuses on showing how easy it is to generate engaging websites that help you turn visitors into customers. What will you learn during this lesson? - How important are the previous phases when reaching the **Create** phase #3 - How to create a new website from scratch and use numerous templates - How to mix and match your content based on your marketing foundations built in Analysis and Briefing Modules - How does the Magic Select button work - Overview of the Building Blocks used to build a website (e.g. Lead Magnet template) - How to fine-tune the elements of your website. Remember this is generated automatically so you might want to make some changes. - How to Export the generated website as HTML or send it directly to WordPress - How to Get online the website you created in just one click You can take a sneak peek of how GETitOUT looks inside and try out the Create Feature and more for free for two weeks. You don’t even have to put in your credit card! [](