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In this lesson, you’ll learn more about How To Create Realistic Buyer Personas For Your Business with GETitOUT. Why should you take this lesson? Creating solid and realistic Buyer Personas is key to understanding your ideal customers since these are the representation of your target audience and the basis to create marketing messages that actually connect, making the decision to buy your product a no-brainer. What will you learn during this lesson? - What are Buyer Personas and Why it is important for you and your business. - The importance of identifying and understanding more about your ideal customers. - What kind of data do you need to create your Buyer Persona | Age, gender, education level, monthly/annual income, etc. (B2B included). - What are Pain Points and Goals in Marketing - How to use GETitOUT’s Professional Buyer Persona Templates. - How GETitOUT generates specific texts and marketing content once you have done your Buyer Personas.