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In this lesson, you will find more information about how to set up your Brand Book and upload essential branding elements such as logos, images, fonts, or even import your entire visual data from your website. Why should you take this lesson? Setting up your Brand Book will help you ensure that you’re using the whole visual data of your brand properly and also put all of your team members on the line about this. Also, by making this you will be able later to automatically generate marketing materials (websites, emails, flyers, and more) with ease and without leaving GETitOUT. What will you learn during this lesson? - What elements of your Brand Book can be set up - What formats of your logos can be uploaded in GETitOUT - How to upload your logos and the recommended file extension (.png) - How to upload colors, fonts, and images - How GETitOUT generates Marketing Materials based on your Brand Book You can take a sneak peek of how GETitOUT looks inside and try out the Design Feature and more for free for two weeks. You don’t even have to put in your credit card! [](